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PHP 5 garbage collection

The object-oriented features of PHP 5 are a really positive step forward for the language. One of the biggest improvements, to my mind, is that you no longer have to choose to pass things around by reference with a liberal … Continue reading

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Sony Clie and Nokia 6600 infra red GPRS internet settings

Instructions for connecting the Sony Clie UX50 to the internet via GPRS through a Nokia 6600’s infra red port. I’m on the Orange phone network so some of the settings may be specific to this. I also assume your phone … Continue reading

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The 5k web page competition looks like it might finally be getting going again. News about it is here: Siggraph’s 5k competition. However, I’m somewhat confused as the closing date in the right hand side column is set at July … Continue reading

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Sony Clie and Nokia 6600 bluetooth gprs internet access

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time trying to get internet access from my Sony Clie through a Nokia 6600 mobile phone’s bluetooth connection and have had some minor success but still not been able to get it to … Continue reading

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At last I’ve gotten round to writing something!

Having signed up for blogger back in september 2003 it’s now taken me just over a year to get round to writing a first proper post. A short intro: I’m a director of a web development company called Exponetic based … Continue reading

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