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Slow PDF opening in Mozilla Firefox

There’s a handy way to stop PDF’s loading slowly using the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for Firefox. You can read the full details here: Speed up PDF opening in Firefox.

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Class type hinting in PHP 5

PHP 5’s OO structure is way ahead of PHP 4 and has so many ‘proper’ object oriented concepts built into it that writing well-structured code is much easier than ever. The problem that PHP faces (and may always face) is … Continue reading

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Spam: I just don’t get it.

Actually, I get a lot of it. Spam comes flooding through old e-mail in a constant stream. The thing I don’t get is: what is the spammer getting out of it? I mean, most of the e-mails at the moment … Continue reading

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JavaScript Haiku

There are a few sites on the web which will generate haiku’s using a set of code rules. I think I can lay claim to have written what could be the world’s first (and only) haiku actually in JavaScript. I’m … Continue reading

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W32/Sober.j@MM Virus Virus spam

I seem to be suffering from a huge number of people with my address in their book sending me viruses pretending to be ‘important message’ attachments. What a pain… It’s okay when I’m in the office as the spam filter … Continue reading

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Brussels freelancers beer night

Some of us from have just come back from a great couple of nights in Brussels. I’ve never been to Belgium before but it was a great laugh. We stayed in the ‘Hotel Catalonia’, which was a pretty good … Continue reading

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X-Entertainment – Spider-Man Reviews Crayons! Part 1 of 3

“Spider-man Reviews Crayons” is hilarious. Definitely worth a read of the whole thing… X-Entertainment – Spider-Man Reviews Crayons! Part 1 of 3. Basically, Spiderman has signed up to a deal to review a full set of Crayola crayons. The pictures … Continue reading

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Review of Kerala Indian Restaurant, Oxford Circus

I had the good fortune to visit a South Indian restaurant called Kerala, near Oxford Circus, last night. Located in an unlikely place for an original restaurant it was a real surprise. I’m a big curry fan, and Kerala is … Continue reading

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Medieval Total War, Italian tips

Okay, I’ve been playing far too much Medieval Total War lately. It’s only my first campaign and I started playing as the Italians mainly because: It didn’t seem too hard, or too easy Being English seemed to easy, and too … Continue reading

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Extreme Techniness – Darren with a lot of PC’s

My business partner, Darren, was in the midst of some hard-core Unix techiness in the office yesterday (trying to get our two adsl connections to work with the network) and I had to take this photo

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