PHP 5: Introduction to classes

Classes are used as an abstraction of a real world situation. E.g

class User

may be used to contain the code that will represent a user of an application.

Objects have properties and methods. Properties may be thought of as adjectives (e.g. coat->blue) and methods as verbs (e.g. coat->putOn()).

e.g. to create a user class, instantiate it and set a login property to true

class User
 var $isLoggedIn = false;
 //Variable to contain the logged-in
 //state, with a default value of ‘false’

 function User()

 function login($loginValue)
  $this->isLoggedIn = true;

$user = new User();

will create the user with a default property (isLoggedIn) and then log the user in with a method (login).

Next section: By reference or by value

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