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How people find this blog

Just poking through my web logs I found some very odd referrers to this blog. Having mentioned the word ‘poker’ a couple of times (there, I’ve done it again) invites hordes of robot spiders from various poker sites pinging the … Continue reading

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Quotes on games and laziness

These are taken from Schott’s Sporting Gaming & Idling Miscellany and seem particularly relevant given my recent poker playing experiences: “To play billiards well is the sign of an ill-spent youth.” – Herbert Spencer “It is better to have loafed … Continue reading

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Playing real poker, for real money!

Pacific Poker was just the warmup act and last night I got to play poker for real, with real people and for real money, face-to-face around a table. We played what seemed to be a loose interpretation of Texas Hold … Continue reading

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Food colouring

This article on food colouring on the BBC website is interesting for the fact that some colourings allowed in the UK are banned elsewhere, but the most bemusing thing is that so many colours come from coal. I’d always thought … Continue reading

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Microsoft guide to 133t5p33k

This Microsoft guide to 133t5p33k reads like a 1950’s ‘how to be hip’ manual. Apparently “Rules of grammar are rarely obeyed”. Essential reading if you want to know what the kids of today are talking about, and are looking to … Continue reading

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How to make the Panasonic DVP520 DVD player multi-region

I was recently given a Region 1 Godzilla DVD of Destroy all monsters. (Amazon claimed it was Region 0 but it turned up as region 1.) A spot of googling revealed how to get the DVD to play in our … Continue reading

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Royal Mail loses postal monopoly

Given that Royal Mail currently delivers post at a loss I can only see that the addition of more overheads which other firms will be incurring to provide a similar service will increase the cost of posting letters dramatically over … Continue reading

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News of IE 7 release causes Xbox to catch fire

Okay, maybe the events aren’t directly related. But I do find it entertaining that a Microsoft product in the physical world has bugs in it the same way that their software does. Maybe there’s more truth in the (I presume) … Continue reading

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Funny miming guy

This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen for a long time. One guy, one song, one webcam: numanumaye

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London’s 2012 Olympic bid

I’m not sure whether Tony Blair popping across to Singapore for the Olympic bid (I reckon he’s just after picking up some cheap gadgets) is going to make a huge difference to our chances. After all, as far as I … Continue reading

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