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Running viruses on Linux

Okay, this article on running windows viruses on Linux using Wine is really taking cross-platform compatibility a bit far. Funny, though.

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PHP loop benchmarking

This benchmark of different ways of looping over a hash array is very interesting. Some things aren’t too surprising, such as counting the elements in an array before looping over them is faster than not counting them, could be expected, … Continue reading

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Poker hand nicknames

I was given a book called Schott’s Sporting Gaming & Idling Miscellany for my birthday. In there is a list of popular nicknames for poker hands. I’m dubious about some of them myself, but they are: Ace, King, 4, 7 … Continue reading

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Review of Wagamama Japanese restaurant, Covent Garden

I first went to a Wagamama a couple of years ago and was fairly impressed. Decent enough food and fairly cheap, being able to eat for around a tenner quite easily. The side dishes seemed particularly good. It was, in … Continue reading

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