Review of Wagamama Japanese restaurant, Covent Garden

I first went to a Wagamama a couple of years ago and was fairly impressed. Decent enough food and fairly cheap, being able to eat for around a tenner quite easily. The side dishes seemed particularly good. It was, in fact, the Covent Garden branch where my Wagamama experiences started. At the time I apparently said “I bet as this place gets more popular the food will start to go downhill”. Unfortunately, that does seem to be the case

I went back to the Covent Garden restaurant a couple of nights ago and was distinctly unimpressed. The side dishes were still okay, at least, but I don’t think a single one of the people I was with was actually enjoying their main dish. I was served some chicken of dubious origin with rice and salty glupe. (I don’t think that’s the proper name for it, but it describes what was in front of me.) The taste can be best described as ‘salty’, and that’s about it.

I’m actually guite disappointed as Wagamama was one of those places that I thought I could count on to produce fairly good fast food. I guess that’s just the way these chains go over time.


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2 Responses to Review of Wagamama Japanese restaurant, Covent Garden

  1. Anonymous says:

    sorry what was the dubious chicken with rice and salty gulp??

  2. Burgie says:

    KarlCome out to the ‘burbs, where Wagamama still care. The Kingston and Guildford branches are always top nosh.Burgie

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