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The effects of browser settings on web analytics

Modern web browsers give the user some degree of control over their privacy and security settings. These can have a major impact in trying to measure how web site’s are used either through preventing web analytics products from registering the … Continue reading

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Reliance on cookies in web site user tracking

In the field of web analytics, one of the permanently hot topics is how to track a user’s activity on a web site accurately with the information that the technology available to us is able to provide. There are two … Continue reading

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Deleting page elements using removeChild in JavaScript

Here’s a handy(?) script to delete pieces of any page you’re on when you click on them: javascript:document.onclick=new Function(‘e’,’document.all?;src.parentNode.removeChild(src);return false’);void(0); Go to any page on the web, paste it into the address bar of your browser and then start clicking … Continue reading

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Bionic eyes not too far away

It’s not quite Steve Austin and Bionic Man territory but this story about a bionic eye that will let blind people see is very sci-fi all the same.

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