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Using importNode and appendChild with PHP 5 DOM

importNode is one of the DOM functions in PHP 5 that I struggled with for a while. What I wanted to do was to take an XML node from one document and insert it into another, and somehow that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Using removeChild with the PHP 5 DOM

The documentation for PHP 5’s DOM functions isn’t at its most helpful yet, so I thought an example of how to use ‘removeChild’ wouldn’t go amiss. Assuming first that you have some DOMDocument XML in a variable called $xml, that … Continue reading

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Review of the Honda CBR 1100 Super Blackbird

I’ve just had the pleasure of a week and a half with one of Honda’s biggest, and fastest, bikes: the Super Blackbird. Thankfully, no-one calls it the ‘Super Blackbird’ but just sticks to the plain and simple ‘Blackbird’. Before getting … Continue reading

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