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London Underground song

So true… if you have to travel on the London Underground and haven’t heard it then you have to listen: London Underground.

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Warming to

Writing Trying out I wasn’t too happy with the interface and a few other things about the way the game plays there A day or two later writing In defence of I felt a bit better towards it. … Continue reading

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In defence of

Yesterday I tried out Party Poker, and honestly didn’t take to it as much as I have Pacific Poker. (My initial experiences are here.) Playing for longer last night I did notice some improvements, though. (Note that my experiences may … Continue reading

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Trying out

I’ve been playing on Pacific Poker for a while now but, spurred on by a visit to the Poker Den today I thought I might see about trying to win myself entry to that. It looks a slightly bizarre tournament, … Continue reading

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Good players get more bad beats at the poker table

As I’ve become better at playing Texas Hold ’em, I’ve become increasingly aware of bad beats as they happen to me in tournaments. Occasionally you get someone at a table complaining about a bad beat, and sometimes it isn’t even … Continue reading

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PHP 5 Static class variable inheritence

PHP 5 doesn’t seem to attempt to implement any kind of inheritance for properties within static classes. This can be mean having to duplicate code within static subclasses. As an example, we would like to have a parent class (this … Continue reading

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Technical solutions to web site visitor tracking

There are two main ways that the problem of identifying an individual when they visit a web site. This is assuming they are not willing to put their hand up and identify themselves by logging in. That may not always … Continue reading

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Dave’s barbeque

Dave Edwards decided to have a barbecue to ‘celebrate’ moving out. I believe it was probably the worst equipped barbecueing event I’ve ever attended as we were lacking in what I consider to be the key barbecue prerequisites: A garden … Continue reading

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