Warming to PartyPoker.com

Writing Trying out PartyPoker.com I wasn’t too happy with the interface and a few other things about the way the game plays there

A day or two later writing In defence of PartyPoker.com I felt a bit better towards it.

Now, after only a few days of playing there, I’m starting to think that I’ll be making more use of it than I have of Pacific Poker. This may have something to do with doubling the money I put in in a few days, of course. But then, I site’s game being more suited to my style is as good a reason as any.

I do think it comes down to the slowness of the blinds increasing. It’s easier to wait for a good hand and there isn’t quite the rush that I find at Pacific Poker. Although, I have generally been playing at a slightly higher level on Party Poker so taht might have something to do with it as even the $5 tournament I entered there was bit random. e.g. losing with K K to 8 6 off because so many people called a 4x big blind raise.

The other advantage is being able to play more than one game at once, although keeping track of them all is another matter…

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