Tate Modern – Herzog & de Meuron

I went along to the Herzog & de Meuron exhibition at the Tate Modern this Sunday just gone. Although it was kind of interesting in terms of a ‘thought process’ kind of thing, it really didn’t explain much, and there was no clear train of thought to follow from concept to building which would really have swung it. If I was honest, I’d say it was more about a collection of individual items put in the same room with the hope that together they’d somehow have some kind of cohesiveness. All it really left me with was feeling sorry for the poor year-out students who have to spend all their time cutting out cardboard contours and foam blocks.

One of my favourite pieces of blurb was about ‘designing a building that looked different from every angle’. I would love to see someone design a building that looked the same from every angle; it would either have to be an omni-lit sphere, or rotate as you moved around it, which would be really annoying if you were trying to find the door.

Herzog & de Meuron exhibition at the Tate Modern

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