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More London bombs, ho hum

So, we have more disruption resulting from a (luckily) failed attempt to blow up more parts of the tube. It did seem fairly inevitable that there would be a second attempt, as much as it was inevitable that someone or … Continue reading

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When articificial intelligences collide: Eliza vs Eliza

This conversation set up between two Eliza clients is quite amusing. I didn’t really know about it before, but Eliza appears to be a computer therapist. It doesn’t seem to do a particularly good job of analysing itself. Eliza vs … Continue reading

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Hot day in London

It is so hot today and after having a busy morning the heat has finally driven me insane and I feel just like the picture below:

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William IV pub, Leyton

For anyone in the area who doesn’t already know about it, the William IV pub at the Baker’s Arms in Leyton is one of the best pubs in the area. They have a good selection of real beer such as … Continue reading

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Blogger adding an extra clear: both div to posts

Lots of people have noticed recently that Blogger has started publishing posts with a tag before the posting text. This broke my layout and have me invalidly nested tags since I was including the opening and closing tags in the … Continue reading

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Review of Nama Bar and Restaurant, London (kangaroo and chips)

I went to the Nama Bar last night on a special offer (vouchers from The Times) since I’d been in a pub in the area. It’s not quite what I was expecting, definitely more of a bar than a restaurant, … Continue reading

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A Letter To The Terrorists, From London :: The London News Review

This letter to the terrorists from London pretty much sums up the way most people feel about the tube and bus bombings yesterday.

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London transport bomb attacks

Luckily my travelling today didn’t overlap with any of the explosions, as my office is about half a mile outside of Liverpool Street, but it’s certainly causing a lot of disruption. No-one I know seems to be that badly affected … Continue reading

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BT’s useless customer support

This was received by one of our clients as a response to mail server queries directly from BT customer support. BT Yahoo muppet customer service drone

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London to host Olympics in 2012

London has won the contest to host the 2012 Olympics, which is great news for all of us who live in East London and have been waiting for some infrastructure investment to give the area a lift for years. Victory … Continue reading

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