A new design for this blog

It’s taken a few evenings and bits of the weekend, but last night saw the launch of a new design for this blog. What with the categorisation I’d added recently, the right hand column with all the navigation in it was getting a bit cluttered so I’ve now gone 3 column and hopefully everything fits at an even height on the screen a bit better.

The main thing of note is the large background image, though, which is randomised so you should get a new one each time you view the site (the current image is stored in a session cookie) – close down your browser window and launch the blog again and it should give you a new image. The images in the library will grow over time as they’re just being pulled randomly out of a single directory. Alternatively you can click on this link to get a new image. At some point I’ll add a button to the site to do that.

Change the background image

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