Freecycle London

Darren pointed me towards the London Freecycle Group. It’s a straightforward mailing list where people (in London) post stuff they want to get rid of, the only condition being that it has to be free. It’s also possible to make a request for something although the rules around this are a bit tighter. There’s a lot of interesting things going through, and in the day I’ve been a member I’ve seen such things as:

  • An old Dyson
  • Some household doors
  • Old videos (with and without films on)
  • Some ‘hardly used’ felt tip pents
  • A payphone.

It’s quite high traffic but an excellent way of getting rid of something that you no longer want but someone else might.

London Freecycle Group
The main Freecycle site

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  1. Mandy says:

    For all of you who like the idea of freecycling take a look at this new site which makes it all a good deal easier! Its called GreenGonzo – Freecycle Search at and it provides a searchable database of things people are giving away in the UK.

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