Fantasy football – two week update

After two weeks and only 2 matches (for most Premiership teams) I’m only in the middle of our super league with 70 points. This isn’t too bad as the first place only has 85 at the moment. So far I can’t believe how unlucky I’ve already been with injuries with Wayne Bridge, Freddie Ljungberg, James Beattie and Wayne Routledge all out, so I guess getting 70 points with only a 2/3 strength squad isn’t too bad.

I’ve made some transfers today ahead of this evenings premiership fixtures but I’ve stuck with Ljungberg and Beattie as there’s a chance both of them could be back for Saturday’s matches.

For anyone who can’t find it elsewhere, the Telegraph Fantasy Football password for this week (August 24th) is OPEN.

Telegraph Fantasy Football

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