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Crystal Palace dinosaurs

I didn’t know it, but there are model dinosaurs in Crystal Palace park. When I say models, they are pretty much full-size replicas of what they decided dinosaurs looked like back in the 1850’s. They’re pretty good, it has to … Continue reading

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We’re not singing any more: Leyton 1-4 Rochdale

It was a good start to the season with 3 wins out of 3, but now reality has hit and we’re only on 3 wins out of 4 having lost 4-1 to Rochdale. 9 points from 4 games still isn’t … Continue reading

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No Internet today

My local Costa obviously knows something I don’t. Guess we can all go home then.

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Freecycle London

Darren pointed me towards the London Freecycle Group. It’s a straightforward mailing list where people (in London) post stuff they want to get rid of, the only condition being that it has to be free. It’s also possible to make … Continue reading

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Tottenham admit interest in Kuyt

Spurs seem to have quite a bit of money to spend this season, with apparently interested in Dirk Kuyt for in the region of £12m and possibly Jermaine Jenas for £13m. I can’t believe that Sir Alan Sugar was paid … Continue reading

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Minimal MSN communication

I’m not sure if it’s just me, the technology reducing our attention spans or (most likely) a combination of both, but I’ve developed an increasingly terse response style for conversations on instant messenger. I get much more curt the better … Continue reading

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Motorbike hire in London (again)

I usually hire motorbikes from Raceways, Surrey Quays and they treat me pretty well. Now they know me and I obviously spend enough money with them they’re more likely to give me a good deal on hiring the extras at … Continue reading

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Already addicted to ‘Lost’

‘Lost’ has only just started on Channel 4 and E4 and I’m already addicted. I watched the first three episodes back-to-back last Sunday and still wanted more. I was expecting something Survivor-like i.e. people marooned with some ensuing drama, but … Continue reading

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JavaScript solution to PNG alpha transparency in IE

Solutions to the problem of PNG alpha transparency in IE6 have been around for a while, as exemplified by this post on Cross-Browser Variable Opacity with PNG on A List Apart. This solution uses script to write in the correct … Continue reading

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A new design for this blog

It’s taken a few evenings and bits of the weekend, but last night saw the launch of a new design for this blog. What with the categorisation I’d added recently, the right hand column with all the navigation in it … Continue reading

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