Nestle launches fair trade coffee

So Nestle has eventually gotten in on the Fairtrade act. The following quote doesn’t seem particularly insightful, though:

But the World Development Movement, a campaigning group which tackles the causes of poverty, said: “The launch of a Nestle Fairtrade coffee is more likely to be an attempt to cash in a growing market… than represent the beginning of a fundamental shift in Nestle’s business model.”

Well, duh.
Quite obviously Nestle are in it for the money and not much else; it may not be ideal, but that’s pretty much how capitalism works. It’s certainly an interesting example to give to anyone who rolls out the ‘my buying habits won’t change the policies of a multinational’ line as Nestle’s decision is a clear result of changing consumer demand.

BBC NEWS | Business | Nestle launches fair trade coffee

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1 Response to Nestle launches fair trade coffee

  1. Siel says:

    I totally agree consumer demand is changing — An encouraging sign! Where we put our money matters 🙂 Nestle’s coffe’s only avaliable in the UK though — any reviews yet?I have mixed feelings about nestle. Think I’ll be sticking to my local fair trade roasters —

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