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Leyton Orient 1-1 Lincoln

The O’s have had a particularly succesful run lately and were sitting just off the top of the table going into the game, with a win giving them every chance of sitting top going out of the weekend. Orient started … Continue reading

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Review of Souk Restaurant, London

I went to Souk last night, a north African restaurant near Covent Garden, and what a strange place it was. Lots of low seating, low tables, and general ‘aren’t we in a tent?’-ness. Except, it isn’t in a tent, and … Continue reading

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McAfee customer support

I’ve been having a fight with McAfee. Or rather, I’ve been having a fight and they’ve been waging a war of attrition. Starting with an automatic renewal that I didn’t want containing two e-mail addresses to contact customer services on, … Continue reading

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Frankensteinway video online

The long-awaited Frankensteinway video is now online. It was shot in High Wycombe during 2004 by students there and features myself, Mark and Jason generally acting like idiots and pretending to play our song “Laugh as you cry”. There are … Continue reading

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Nestle launches fair trade coffee

So Nestle has eventually gotten in on the Fairtrade act. The following quote doesn’t seem particularly insightful, though: But the World Development Movement, a campaigning group which tackles the causes of poverty, said: “The launch of a Nestle Fairtrade coffee … Continue reading

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Windows empowerment

Like the way that if you don’t want to restart you can clear the checkbox, except you can’t? Isn’t that nice.

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How fast is a penguin’s pooh?

The Ig Nobel prize is out and has produced amazing research on the pressure inside a penguin, artificial testicles for dogs, and whether people swim faster in water or syrup. Guardian Unlimited | Science | Penguins under pressure win Ig … Continue reading

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