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Telegraph Fantasy Football password

For Wednesday 21st December, in time for all those vital Christmas period matches, the Telegraph Fantasy Football password is SNOW.

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BBC- Doctor Who – Radiophonatron

Allows you to generate your own Dr Who theme tunes. The quality of results may vary: BBC- Doctor Who – Radiophonatron

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IT firm MD called worker ‘fat bitch’, tribunal hears | The Register

Amusing story about a boss who obviously goes a bit too far: IT firm MD called worker ‘fat bitch’, tribunal hears | The Register. My favourite: “I admit sometimes calling people bitches. It was just harmless office banter.” IT firm … Continue reading

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Telegraph Fantasy Football password

It’s been a while since I last posted a Telegraph Fantasy Football password, since I haven’t been here, but for the week from Wednesday December 14th it’s STRONG.

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Poker night

We played poker last night, as you can see from this photo which I shall use if ever I join the national rifle association in the states. Coming soon: Shooting some commies.

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