Bogus Duracell competition

I bought some batteries from Duracell a while ago and only today noticed a “Win world cup prizes” label on the back if I went to a web address and entered a promotional code. So I went to the site and had to enter my name and e-mail address, and make sure I hadn’t ticked the ‘send me spam’ box, and then after half a dozen Flash loading screens I got to enter my promotional code and was told I’d won ‘a prize’. So, more details to enter, a ‘yes I’d like to subscribe’ box (only fair, I was getting a prize), and then a screen telling me I can’t won a top prize, but I could download their screensaver. What a con! I was only expecting a pen or something rubbish anyway, but now I’ve had the ultimate bad brand experience where they’ve tricked me into giving over my details.

So, no more Duracell batteries for me.

Bogus Duracell competition

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1 Response to Bogus Duracell competition

  1. Anonymous says:

    And I bet you’ve had loads of spam in the meantime. B*st*rds! I shall be buying Morrisons own batteries from now on.

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