Bike repair shop, Leyton

I’ve just taken my bike to Bike Shack on Leyton High road and came away well impressed. I only had a broken gear cable, which it turns out was all mashed up inside the mechanism because of where it had snapped, but it was fixed while I was there in around 20 minutes and at a total cost of £7.

Bike Shack bicycle repairs, Leyton

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2 Responses to Bike repair shop, Leyton

  1. Anonymous says:

    I live in Watford

  2. Rai McLaren says:

    Hi, this is Rai from the Bike Shack in Leyton. I would like to thank you for your positive comment on our store and always welcome feedback from our customers, whether it be positive or negative. It gives us an idea of what our customers expect from us and where they believe we are doing well.Rai

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