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Accessibility quote of the day

This came from an enterprise level document about web accessibility: Internet technologies are notable for their graphics and multimedia capability. This can be used to significantly increase the comprehensibility of content and the attractiveness of the site, if the user … Continue reading

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LeapFish (whoever they are) claim to have made a ‘Domain valuation tool’ where you can enter a domain name and it will tell you how valuable it is. So, it seems like I’m rich. – $23,814.00 – $16,854.00 … Continue reading

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Dating site profiles

I’ve found a great new hobby: corrupting dating sites. I’m not the only one, but after writing a profile for someone else who decided to put it onto a site, I had to respond with my own. Spaz’s profile Maud’s … Continue reading

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Poker night at Steve’s

Darren’s blogged the poker night at Steve’s place. There are some good photos in here: Poker night at Steve’s

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Horoscopes – 22nd May until 28th May

Horoscopes for the week starting Monday 22nd May 2006: Aries March 21-April 19 You haven’t made enough arbitrary decisions lately, so now is the week to catch up. A few unjustifiable radical changes should go down really well with those … Continue reading

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Telegraph Fantasy Football – end of year results

We won! Only our super league, of course, not the whole thing, but there should be a small prize in it for us (not from The Telegraph, I might add). It was a close run thing as I thought we … Continue reading

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Glenn Hubbard does Sting

This video supposedly of Glenn Hubbard’s version of “Every breath you take” about how he didn’t get Greenspan’s job at the Fed is a touch of genius. Glenn Hubbard does Sting, “Every breath you take”

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McDonald’s Videogame

This game is very addictive. Just what it’s like to run a McDonald’s empire, including deciding who to bribe, how to corrupt the kids, sacking disgruntled staff… McDonald’s Videogame

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Swansea North Residents Association – Welcome

This is an excellent piece of viral marketing. A Tango ad that’s a parody of the San Francisco bouncing ball advert that’s caused complete uproar in Swansea North. The interviews are excellent. They come here from London and look, fruit … Continue reading

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Telegraph Fantasy Football password

The Telegraph Fantasy Football password for the week of Wednesday 10th May is PYRAMID. It’s the last match of the season that counts, the FA Cup Final, which was a bonanza point-scoring opportunity last year as full time 0-0 counted … Continue reading

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