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Accessibility quote of the day

This came from an enterprise level document about web accessibility: Internet technologies are notable for their graphics and multimedia capability. This can be used to significantly increase the comprehensibility of content and the attractiveness of the site, if the user … Continue reading

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LeapFish (whoever they are) claim to have made a ‘Domain valuation tool’ where you can enter a domain name and it will tell you how valuable it is. So, it seems like I’m rich. – $23,814.00 – $16,854.00 … Continue reading

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Dating site profiles

I’ve found a great new hobby: corrupting dating sites. I’m not the only one, but after writing a profile for someone else who decided to put it onto a site, I had to respond with my own. Spaz’s profile Maud’s … Continue reading

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Poker night at Steve’s

Darren’s blogged the poker night at Steve’s place. There are some good photos in here: Poker night at Steve’s

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Horoscopes – 22nd May until 28th May

Horoscopes for the week starting Monday 22nd May 2006: Aries March 21-April 19 You haven’t made enough arbitrary decisions lately, so now is the week to catch up. A few unjustifiable radical changes should go down really well with those … Continue reading

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Telegraph Fantasy Football – end of year results

We won! Only our super league, of course, not the whole thing, but there should be a small prize in it for us (not from The Telegraph, I might add). It was a close run thing as I thought we … Continue reading

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Glenn Hubbard does Sting

This video supposedly of Glenn Hubbard’s version of “Every breath you take” about how he didn’t get Greenspan’s job at the Fed is a touch of genius. Glenn Hubbard does Sting, “Every breath you take”

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