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Arcadia – four games at once

The game Arcadia gets you playing four old-style arcade games simultaneously on the screen. They’re a bit too easy, unfortunately, but fun for a while. Arcadia

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Club Hemisphere

Kurt, who is creative director at Fresh 01 graphic design, in London, is also a DJ for Club Hemisphere. They play a very eclectic mix and certainly worth a look. :: HEMISPHERE :: LIVE ACTS AND DJ NIGHTS ::

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A kiwi (the bird, not a New Zealander) gets a prosthetic leg with the help of the Lord of the Rings film crew. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Tahi the kiwi gets a new leg

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Leyton Orient promoted to League One

Following injury time goals both at the Orient vs Oxford Utd and the Grimsby vs Northampton games, Leyton Orient will be playing League One football next season. It was all in doubt after 90 minutes as it looked like Grimsby … Continue reading

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Swinging game – PENDULUMECA

Not a game about swinging in that sense, but a bit more like Spiderman. Click the mouse button to send out a rope, hold it down and start swinging, let go and repeat to see how far you can get. … Continue reading

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Renaming a Windows 2003 server/Exchange 2003 domain

After managing to successfully get my Exchange data back yesterday, I realised that I wanted to give the domain a different name. Of course, being Microsoft it isn’t as simple as just right clicking and renaming something. No, renaming an … Continue reading

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Telegraph Fantasy Football password

The Telegraph Fantasy Football Password for Wednesday 3rd May is SQUARE. Only one week of Premiership matches, plus the FA Cup, to go!

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Recovering an Exchange edb database

The server with our Exchange 2003 database on it died. It didn’t seem to be the hard drive but the server itself – the power just wouldn’t come back on. So, I had to set up Exchange on a new … Continue reading

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