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Senator Stevens Speaks on Net Neutrality

Senator Stevens obviously knows a lot about the Internet. Apparently, “it’s not a big truck”, it’s actually “a series of tubes”. His arguments against net neutrality (opposing the right of anyone to be able to pay for higher priority in … Continue reading

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Official: UK is hotter than the sun

This article showing “space images of the UK sweltering” demonstrates how hot the UK has gotten over the past couple of weeks. According to the BBC site, we are now as hot as the sun. Compare this image of the … Continue reading

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Best dance moves ever

This guy’s got every move in the book, plus a few more: YouTube – Solla Solla Enna Perumai

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Capital to Coast 2006

Six of us took part in the Capital to Coast cycle ride from Esher to Hove on 16th July 2006. The participants were: Me (Karl Bunyan) Chris Greenway Michael Hayes James Hehir Neelesh Sonawane Kathryn Stowell For anyone who didn’t … Continue reading

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Sponsored cycle ride to Hove

I’m going to be cycling to Hove on Sunday as part of the Capital to Coast event to raise money for a few charities. Should anyone feel like sponsoring us then you can donate online at Just Giving, or just … Continue reading

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Bulldog’s account page

Bulldog’s customer service is pretty awful, and so is their service in general (classic the other day: I ring up and am greeted by someone in technical support telling me that they’re experiencing technical problems but if I ring back … Continue reading

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Alternative World Cup stats

This set of stats gives a true picture of the World Cup: World Cup 2006 – OnTheBall statistics. Of particular interest: Most foul play: Paraguay, followed by Italy Most bullying of referee: France and Italy Least enthusiastic anthem singers: France … Continue reading

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The origins of ‘Number 2′/poo

I’ve never known where the euphemism of ‘Number 2’ meaning ‘a poo’ came from, but a theory came into my head the other day when I saw one of those toilets with a split-button flush – the ones with a … Continue reading

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Office Fantasty Football league

The World Cup has come to an end, and although England didn’t do too well I have the consolation prize of winning our office Fantasy Football league: Pos Manager Team Week 5Pts Total Pts League Pos 1 Mr K Bunyan … Continue reading

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The Daily WTF

I’ve never come across this site before, but I gladly have now. It contains some amazing examples of coding, although I still think I’ve come across many as bad in daily work. The Daily WTF

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