Office Fantasty Football league

The World Cup has come to an end, and although England didn’t do too well I have the consolation prize of winning our office Fantasy Football league:

Pos Manager Team Week 5
Total Pts League Pos
1 Mr K Bunyan KEEPY UPPY 66 278 22018
2 Mr K Ozficici GUIDED BY TURKS FC 62 223 56011
3 Mr D Beale THE MIGHTY OS 0 182 77354
4 Mr N Grimshaw DAMP CATS 28 180 78172
5 Mr J Bebbington SPONGECUP WORLDPANTS 16 177 79332
6 Mr C Sainsbury SAINSBURYS SCORERS 4 123 90821
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1 Response to Office Fantasty Football league

  1. Bealers says:

    I went into a sulk after the England 1/4 final match and didn’t even think about football until the (poor) final yesterday.Suprised I did as well as I did, considering.

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