The origins of ‘Number 2′/poo

I’ve never known where the euphemism of ‘Number 2’ meaning ‘a poo’ came from, but a theory came into my head the other day when I saw one of those toilets with a split-button flush – the ones with a small flush and a big flush. The small flush had one dot on it and the big flush had two dots. Could I have discovered the source of this fragment of our colloquial language? I hope someone knows…

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2 Responses to The origins of ‘Number 2′/poo

  1. Sophie says:

    No. Those toilets were only invented a few years ago, whereas that saying has been around for decades. If anything, it is probably derived from Cockney rhyming slang.

  2. Anonymous says:

    perhaps…. but I do like the theory all the same!!

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