Another reason why Abbey business banking is rubbish

Authentication and security: when people have forgotten their password, it’s quite common to ask them an answer something memorable, such as ‘City of birth’. But who on earth requires you to memorise not only the answer to your memorable question, but what the question is? Abbey do, of course.

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3 Responses to Another reason why Abbey business banking is rubbish

  1. Darren Beale says:

    Oh, so the system was actually *working* for you then. Makes a change.

  2. Conan says:

    rubbish ! just tried to find out my balance by phone and the whole system is down till this afternoon- RUBBISH could tell you have they stopped my measly £1,000 overdraft 2 days before christmas with no warning and was a real ball acher of a week to sort it out

  3. Anonymous says:

    As a new Abbey customer I was quite happy until this weekend when the cards stopped working. Apparently the system crashed and the bank suspended all authorisations. Now as I read all these blogs about how bad things are at the Abbey I’ll be moving out. Anyone got anything good to say about a high street bank right now?

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