Japan Trip, Part 9 – Tokyo and home

From Koyosan we had to travel back to Osaka and then a bullet train all the way to Tokyo (in about 3 hours) for our last night in Japan. I certainly don’t feel like I’ve seen anywhere near enough of the country and even with four nights in Tokyo had barely scratched the surface.

On the way back from Osaka to Tokyo we passed Mount Fuji and I was able to grab this hazy photo. It’s quite spectacular the way it rises from the ground in such a gradual arc:

In Tokyo we stayed at the Keio Plaza, a very plush hotel which we didn’t really get full value out of given the huge number of facilities it had. However, it was tall and had a good view:

A night view from the hotel room:

A similar view in daylight:

Our last meal wasn’t to disappoint in terms of strangeness. This time, we had everything cooked in a paper bag over an open flame:

And, for completeness, a photo of a plane taking off from Tokyo airport. (Obviously it’s not our plane otherwise I wouldn’t be back here, but it looked just like this one.)

Download all photos in high res (over 200mb total)

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