Exponetic poker night

Last night we had the first ever Exponetic poker evening. In attendance were (in clockwise order as we were sat around the table):

  • Me
  • Lucja Wszola
  • Chris Sainsbury
  • James Bebbington
  • Nick Grimshaw
  • Ben Isaacs

This was the practice hand and it’s difficult to tell from this shot whether James is bluffing or not:

James bluffing

Chris was inscrutable despite James’s steely gaze:

Chris being inscrutable

The poker was all taken very seriously, as can be seen here. Motivated by James and his dealer’s cap we all chose headgear of our own to distract the opposition:

Poker's serious

More hats with Nick, myself and Lucja caught admiring ourselves in the mirror:

Nick, Lucja and me in the mirror

Lucja seemed convinced that she was on holiday in the Bahamas, though, which makes her second place finish all the more impressive:

Lucja thought she was on holiday

James shows off his evil eyes:

Evil James

As well as some gambling, a small amount of whisky drinking also went on:

Whisky bottle

Chris thought long and hard over every move:

Chris thinking hard

And even Ben did some pondering which usually ended with something along the lines of “I’ll see your 50 and raise you 1”.

Ben thinking hard

Although Ben did try replacing his right eye with a dealer button to see if it would give him any special insight:

Ben with dealer button

Nick ponders what James’s raise could mean, which is especially interesting since Nick was out of the game by this point:

Nick pondering what to do

This kind of sums up the losing money theme of the evening:

Nick's wallet loss text message

Roll on the next poker evening, I say.

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