The Shepherd Epstein Hunter Architects Telegraph Fantasy Football results, 2006-2007

The Shepherd Epstein Hunter (SEH) Architects Fantasy Football league for 2006 to 2007 finished as below. We didn’t quite make it to 1st place in the end, finishing second (which I blame almost entirely on Ashley Cole). Still, given the distance we were behind in 4th place at Christmas I can’t complain that much, and I think this year we finished higher up in the national leaderboard than ever before (although I don’t think they give out prizes for coming 57972nd). Next year it’s going to be important to get a good start, though, given how close it seems to be at the end.

Well done to Keneche for winning, but we want our trophy back next year.

Pos Manager Team Week 40
Total Pts League Pos
1 Ms K Odogu RUN KENNY, RUN 24 1507 43760
2 Ms A Lakshmanan ANN’S SLACKERS 13 1482 57972
3 Mr E Louie BAIKIN’EL UNITED 18 1462 70307
4 Mr A Wong SUGAR PUFFS 10 1350 141579
5 Mr A Head WAY AHEAD 7 1262 182344
6 Miss V Dudzik CRAZY BLONDIES 17 1199 204052
7 * Mr G Georgion ]OVERPAID CRY BABIES 16 1178 210369
8 Ms D Walkier WALKERS WANDERERS 14 1173 211786
9 Ms C Easterbrook CAZZZA’S COWBOYS 7 1114 227308
10 Mr R Bennett TIPPED FOR THE TOP 12 1085 234126
11 Ms A Corsini ALE AND MAX 2 1035 244343
12 Ms N Luthra BOUBLA 5 638 267777
* denotes Chairman

Telegraph Fantasy Football

SEH Architects

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