Accessing Experts Exchange without paying

It seems that Experts Exchange is now making people pay for accessing content generated by their users. I’m sure it was inevitable but it’s very underhand to build up a free knowledge base and then make people pay for what will often be content they’ve contributed to.

It’s even more underhand that they have to let the content remain accessible to Google otherwise they won’t come up top for searches any more. But that’s where there’s a route around the subscription system. In easy steps:

  1. Search for something useful in Google e.g. “javascript baseHfef”.
  2. See a possibly useful result from Experts Exchange.
  3. View the version that’s in Google’s cache e.g. results for “javascript baseHref”

Maybe they’ll think of a way around that sometime, but in the meantime if they want their content in Google then it’s got to be accessible.

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2 Responses to Accessing Experts Exchange without paying

  1. Anonymous says:

    …or scroll wayyyy down, and you’ll see what you’re looking for in a normal result

  2. I use this website for it.. It gives me the right referer for expert-exchange

    You Just have to paste the URL and hit the Button,

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