Six Degrees of Separation Facebook application

As a bit of R&D, and to lead in to some client projects, I’ve had some Facebook applications on the go. I thought it time to hurry one through so that there’s something live rather than just vague promises of “almost finished”.

So, my first (simple) app is out there now. It’s an experiment in “six degrees of separation” as everyone who adds it gets an indicator of how many connections they are away from me, but also an average for everyone with the application installed

As it’s early days the connections are very low i.e. it’s only going to be people close to me, but as time goes on hopefully the figure will grow.

The “Six Degrees of Separation” app can be installed here

Exponetic’s Facebook application development services

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1 Response to Six Degrees of Separation Facebook application

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can you make the app calculate *how many* people are in your extended network? That is: can you make it calculate how many unique “friends + friends-of-friends” I have? This is often a more useful indicator of one’s personal social network size than simply the number of direct friends.

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