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MS Paint – behind the scenes

A fascinating insight into how this mighty piece of software came about.

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Three years of blogging

I hardly noticed, but the 3 year anniversary of K! passed the other week. And I didn’t even get my blog a present or anything. The very first post is here. Happy 3rd birthday, K!

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Moritz Stefaner is a genius

I was thinking about how to best represent connections between people in my Six Degrees of Separation Facebook application and Paul Crabtree recommend I get in touch with Moritz Stefaner as he had something that would fit very nicely indeed. … Continue reading

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Identifying slow blocking queries on SQL Server

This piece of SQL is perfect for finding which query is running at any particular time, especially if you want to find what it is that’s running very slowly. sp_who2 This should return a list of what’s running, including process … Continue reading

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The ‘Six degrees of separation’ Facebook application is 4th fastest growing app of the week

Exponetic’s first Facebook application, Six Degrees of Separation is apparently the fourth fastest growing app over the past week, according to Adnomics. The full league table is as follows: Weekly Movers & Shakers 1 TextMeNow +7,031 users (86.8%) 2 Cartoonify … Continue reading

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Facebook’s new ‘Invite friends’ tag

Everyone’s been either copying and pasting or writing from scratch some code to add “Invite friends” to their Facebook apps, but now there’s a simple tag that they’ve provided. It’s currently in beta and, knowing Facebook, is bound to change … Continue reading

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Exponetic’s first Facebook application passes 5000 users

We’ve started developing Facebook applications at Exponetic and our first properly launched project, “Six degrees of separation” has passed 5000 users in under 9 days of live time. The growth has been quite amazing and still going. Next steps are … Continue reading

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