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Facebook: “It’s okay to spam your friends”

“It’s okay to spam your friends” may not be the company’s official strapline, but it certainly seems to be a key part of Facebook that spamming your friends with everything you’re doing is the way to stay “in touch”. It’s … Continue reading

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How to find Firefox easily in Task Manager

Often I need to kill firefox.exe so I’ve identified this simple way of finding it without having to sort alphabetically and scroll all the way down through reams of pointless, resource-sapping Windows processes (which are no doubt running “just in … Continue reading

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Facebookster spam

Self-proclaimed Facebook development specialists Facebookster have been spamming blogs with a huge number of comments, including this one. It really isn’t a good sign for a company to be reduced to barely ethical means of marketing, especially when the Facebookster … Continue reading

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