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Running 10k for CALM

Everybody knows how much I love cycling, right? So of course it should come as no surprise that I’m doing a, um, 10k run in mid-July. To be honest, I wouldn’t be up for it except future brother-in-law Jason Cross … Continue reading

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Accessing Cordova Config Info From JavaScript Without Plugins

I wanted to access the current build number for analytics, but there seemed to be no easy way to get at the info that Cordova puts into the plist file (Xcode) and AndroidManifest.xml (Android Studio). My solution is to copy … Continue reading

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Not Riding in Istria – Day 7

The final day was home day. There was no riding, and no horses involved, and we were all transferred to Pula after breakfast. For some of us it was for the whole day – a little two long – but … Continue reading

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Riding in Istria – Day 6

Our last half a day of riding was upon us, and a visit to a coastal town awaited that afternoon. Patrick tacking up. Alice also tacking up. Apache having been tacked up. Finally I was starting to get the hang … Continue reading


Riding in Istria – Day 5

This was to be our last full day of riding. So, after a short van ride to pick up our horses and saddle up were were off again. Although our guide for the day, who may have been called Jakov … Continue reading


Riding in Istria – Day 4

The clouds finally (sort of) cleared and we left to stare at a marvellous valley view on the fourth morning, something that we were all too tired and wet to even think about the evening before. There wasn’t a lot … Continue reading


Riding in Istria – Day 3

There are very few photos of day 3’s riding because it rained too much. The forecast was awful, but it didn’t really chuck it down and maybe rained for ninety minutes of the time we were on the horses. Still, … Continue reading


Riding in Istria – Day 2

Each day started with something I’m very unfamiliar with, which is tempting your horse to come over, stand still and have a head collar put on it. They were surprisingly willing despite just how cack-handed I was about the whole … Continue reading


Riding in Istria (Croatia) – Day 1

In the latest installment of “riding horses on holiday”, the destination was Crotia, more specifically the region known as Istria. Like many things, I knew nothing about it before or even during my time there, but it’s the bit nearest … Continue reading

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Push Notifications on iOS

As with anything new on iOS, getting push notifications working has been a pain. Thankfully, there’s a brilliant write-up of the process here: Apple Push Notification Services in iOS 6 Tutorial: Part 1/2. Plus the PhoneGap/Cordova plug-in to make it … Continue reading

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