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Riding in Istria – Day 2

Each day started with something I’m very unfamiliar with, which is tempting your horse to come over, stand still and have a head collar put on it. They were surprisingly willing despite just how cack-handed I was about the whole … Continue reading


Riding in Istria (Croatia) – Day 1

In the latest installment of “riding horses on holiday”, the destination was Crotia, more specifically the region known as Istria. Like many things, I knew nothing about it before or even during my time there, but it’s the bit nearest … Continue reading

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Push Notifications on iOS

As with anything new on iOS, getting push notifications working has been a pain. Thankfully, there’s a brilliant write-up of the process here: Apple Push Notification Services in iOS 6 Tutorial: Part 1/2. Plus the PhoneGap/Cordova plug-in to make it … Continue reading

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Ride London 2015

Last year’s Ride London was a complete wash-out, but still strangely satisfying despite the diminished achievement of “only” cycling 86 miles in the remains of a hurricane. But with a ballot place secured, this year I was confident that I … Continue reading

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A Few Portfolio Links

As part one of the long-term “putting myself out there a bit” plan, I’ve put together a mini portfolio site. It also means that the URL doesn’t give a 403 error too. There isn’t much there but at least it’s … Continue reading

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Build an HTML5 Game: Some Reviews

I’ve found three decent reviews for my book “Build an HTML5 Game“, and especially pleasing is the fact that two of them seem to be from exactly the target audience i.e. developers with existing web skills who didn’t realise how … Continue reading

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Cycling London to Eastbourne

Board games by the sea! For the spring London on Board event, and as part of training for the London Revolution ride in (gulp) two weeks, I decided that I’d cycle down to Eastbourne rather than take the train. The … Continue reading

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