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Accessing Cordova Config Info From JavaScript Without Plugins

I wanted to access the current build number for analytics, but there seemed to be no easy way to get at the info that Cordova puts into the plist file (Xcode) and AndroidManifest.xml (Android Studio). My solution is to copy … Continue reading

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Multiple monitor utility

I’ve just installed a really useful tool to help me deal with my array of monitors called Ultramon. The big benefit is: having a taskbar for each monitor, that only displays the applications open on that monitor. Having four screens … Continue reading

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How to find Firefox easily in Task Manager

Often I need to kill firefox.exe so I’ve identified this simple way of finding it without having to sort alphabetically and scroll all the way down through reams of pointless, resource-sapping Windows processes (which are no doubt running “just in … Continue reading

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Fixing incorrect awgina.dll version remotely

I’ve recently installed PCAnywhere and, getting home, tried to remote desktop to my PC. Except I couldn’t because apparently I had an “incompatible version of awgina.dll”. I should also contact my network adminstrator for the latest version because obviously whoever … Continue reading

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Accessing Experts Exchange without paying

It seems that Experts Exchange is now making people pay for accessing content generated by their users. I’m sure it was inevitable but it’s very underhand to build up a free knowledge base and then make people pay for what … Continue reading

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MSN Live Messenger hack: remove ads

I posted once about a tool to remove ads from MSN Messenger 7 and I’ve just upgraded to MSN Live Messenger. So, a quick Google later, and I found an application to do the same (and more). I must admit … Continue reading

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Install multiple versions of IE on your PC

This useful app allows you to run different versions of Internet Explorer on the same Windows install, which sounds pretty clever and indeed it is. A simple download and install and it seems to do exactly what it promises. Now … Continue reading

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