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Autorun an executable from a USB key in Windows XP

After much Googling, reading, hacking, downloading applications and generally fiddling about, we finally got a USB key to put up the correct autorun prompt when you put the key in the port. i.e. put the application you want to run … Continue reading

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Renaming a Windows 2003 server/Exchange 2003 domain

After managing to successfully get my Exchange data back yesterday, I realised that I wanted to give the domain a different name. Of course, being Microsoft it isn’t as simple as just right clicking and renaming something. No, renaming an … Continue reading

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Recovering an Exchange edb database

The server with our Exchange 2003 database on it died. It didn’t seem to be the hard drive but the server itself – the power just wouldn’t come back on. So, I had to set up Exchange on a new … Continue reading

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MSN Messenger 7 hack: Removing the search box and banner

This useful little program called the MSN 7 Universal Patcher++ v0.8 is invaluable if, like me, you get really annoyed with the crap that Microsoft ads to every new version of MSN messenger. Since there’s no option to remove the … Continue reading

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How to make the Panasonic DVP520 DVD player multi-region

I was recently given a Region 1 Godzilla DVD of Destroy all monsters. (Amazon claimed it was Region 0 but it turned up as region 1.) A spot of googling revealed how to get the DVD to play in our … Continue reading

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Uninstalling and removing iTunes from Windows XP

I recently downloaded and installed QuickTime. I couldn’t do much about it, but it installed QuickTime at the same time. I have no desire for keeping iTunes on my system, and certainly no reason to have an iPodHelper.exe process running … Continue reading

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Removing qttask.exe and preventing it loading in Windows XP

Quicktime installs a very annoying process when you install it on Windows XP called qttask.exe that you may often see running in your taskbar and processlist. There is no way to stop it running from within quicktime’s preferences. Instead, you … Continue reading

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